It all started with a beautiful collection of antiques that needed new homes and a rustic town on the Delaware River. Sunny’s Pop, curated by Sunrise Ruffalo, was initially a pop-up shop in Callicoon, NY designed to welcome those looking for a memorable summer in the Catskills. As it came to an end, it had grown beyond the creator’s wildest dreams and formed a life of it’s own, dropping Callicoon from it’s name, but not it’s origins. Before 2017 was over, it had found it’s permanent home down river in the quaint village of Narrowsburg, NY where you can find a Sunny’s Pop mushroom gracing a shop window on Main Street.

Today, it features an eclectic range of antiques from 19th century East lake to mid century modern, homewares, and unforgettable gifts. The collection shares a glimpse of Sunny’s style that stems from growing up in New Orleans, hitting the streets of New York City,  owning a shop named Kaviar and Kind in Los Angeles, and travelling the world finding tasteful treasures of varying cultural backgrounds. Similar to the store's mushroom "mascot", the store's roots extend miles and miles only appearing to guests in small blooms tucked away in the Catskill mountains.

The website was released to the public in June, 2018 celebrating the 1 year anniversary of opening. We hope you join the journey to see what may pop up next with an ever-evolving and growing spirit.