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terms and conditions, 2017
terms and conditions, 2017
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Charles Wilkin

terms and conditions, 2017

Dimensions: 11"h x 8"w, framed artwork 18"h x 15"w

Rich amber and royal blue create dramatic emotion.

"My work is a loose collection of thoughts and observations in many ways and less about one specific theme. I see it as being a reflection of the world we live in, with all its ugliness and cruelty. But from that, I strive to extract the beauty and empathy hidden underneath and within us all, revealing the unknown, the unspoken and intangible things that make us truly human. For me, collage as a medium replicates this frenetic and inherent collision of people, culture, and emotions we all experience. I believe the true meaning of my work is derived directly from the intertwining of these associations, and the spontaneity of my creative process. This gives my work the freedom to live creatively in the moment, and the ability to respond to current events, despite my imagery being derived primarily from vintage magazines." - Artist, Charles Wilkin

frames are custom made in Dallas, TX per order. available in natural, white-washed, or black 

If framed, please allow 2 weeks for careful shipment

Regular price $700.00
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